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Chief Dave Vroman

Dave Vroman

Married since 1978 to the same woman, father of three, grandpa to four.

I was raised on a ranch located between Cheyenne, Laramie, and Fort Collins, with property on both sides of the state line of Colorado and Wyoming. I attended community college in Cheyenne, and one year at the University of Wyoming. I went to work fulltime in the oil patch in the early 70’s... teaching was not the calling I was looking for.

I came to Eagle County in 1979; the oil patch had stopped and the work here at the time was building Interstate Seventy.

While in college I was a volunteer with Southside Volunteers in Cheyenne, and the Big Laramie Valley Volunteers. Armed with very little experience, I started with Gypsum in 1979, and assisted with the formation of the district from 1979 to 1982, also helping to build the station on Second Street from 1982-83. I was promoted to Chief in the spring of 1984, and became the first paid officer in 1990.

As a chief officer, mentoring these young men and women to be the best is my goal every day. All of these firefighters are entrusted to us – Safety is our most important function because our firefighters are the most important asset.

"This is truly the best job in the world. The Brotherhood (non-gender term, includes all of the sisters) of the fire service is the best fraternity."



Anna Doig (& Bear)

Financial Manager

Anna pic



After 20 years, Anna has retired as our financial manager. Quite simply, we will be lost without her.





Karla & Mike Taylor


 Karla Taylor started March 1990 and is an EMT-B and retired at the end of 2010. Mike and Karla currently reside in Oklahoma City.




Terri Vroman


Dave Laurita


Art Davenport


Helen Davenport


Sam Tatum


Tom Jenkins


Wayne Eichler


Tim Minarovich


Marion Baker


Gussie Baker



Gary Houston





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