Child Car Seat Inspections


The Gypsum Fire Protection District is committed to the safety of all our citizens and guests.

Motor vehicle injuries represent the leading cause of death among children age 3–14 years old in the U.S. (Source: NHTSA, 2008 data).

From 2006–2010, 64 child passengers, ages 0–12 died in traffic crashes in Colorado.  Over half (55%) were not using a child safety seat or seat belt, or they were using one improperly.

Children ages 4–7 who use booster seats are 45% less likely to be injured in a crash compared with children who are restrained only by seat belts.  In Colorado, from 2004–2008, 28 children ages 4–7 were killed in traffic crashes. Twenty of them were improperly restrained, totally unrestrained or using only the vehicle seat belt (which does not provide adequate protection).

 The new law, enacted on August 1, 2010, requires all children under age 8 to be properly protected in a child safety seat when traveling in a motor vehicle.  Previously, the law required only 4 and 5-year-olds to be in booster seats. The law now stipulates a minimum fine of $82 per violation.

 Gypsum Fire Protection District along with its partners: The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, Eagle County Health Services, Vail Valley Medical Center, and The Colorado Department of Transpiration would like you to have your car seat inspected to verify that it has been installed correctly.

These inspections should be performed each time the child changes to a new seat, a seat is switched to a different vehicle, or any time you feel as though it might be improperly installed.

 Car seat inspections are by appointment only and free of charge to the citizens of the district. Each inspection typically takes an hour for one child and one vehicle. If you have more than one car and child we recommend that each child, car seat, all vehicles the child is transported in, and all care givers of the child be present. This allows for everyone to be fully informed on all the intricacies of car seat incompatibilities. These inspections typically take an hour and half to two hours.

Inspections are requested to be prescheduled to ensure we are available to assist you.

To schedule an inspection, please contact Capt. Daniel Valdez at 970-524-7101 ext. 16

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